Resources – Books for Children born in 2024


Children born in 2024 and enrolled in the Imagination Library will receive the following books this year.

Parents can track which book their child will receive next by logging into the Parent Portal.

Your child will also receive Roo Knows Blue as their welcome book – please click here for resources – Welcome book – Roo Knows Blue – Imagination Library

Find out how our books are selected here.
All About Me
Dressing Your Family
Beci Orpin
Good Night Me
Andrew Daddo
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Jane Taylor
Australian Babies
Magabala Books
Claws, Eyes, Flippers
Dub Leffler
Five Little Platypuses
Karen Erasmus
Aaron Blabey
Jeannette Rowe
We Are Friends in the Sky
Sue Downing