Resources – Books for Children born in 2019


Children born in 2019 and enrolled in the Imagination Library will receive the following books this year.

Parents can track which book their child will receive next by logging into the Parent Portal.

Find out how our books are selected here.
A Planet Full of Plastic
Neal Layton
Clean Up
Nathan Byron and Dapo Adeola
Come Down, Cat!
Sonya Hartnett and Lucia Masciullo
Dog Loves Fairy Tales
Louise Yates
Frankie and the Fossil
Jess McGeachin
Go Go And the Silver Shoes
Jane Godwin and Anna Walker
Jack and Mia
Robert Vescio and Claire Richards
Noisy Tom
Jane Martino and Annie White
Rocky and Louie
Phillip Walleystack, Raewyn Caisley and Dub Leffler
Small Rown
Phillip Gwynne
The Rainbow in my Heart
Jessica Urlichs and Rebekah Ballagh
Stuff to Know When You Start School
DK │ Congratulations your child is graduating from the Imagination Library, and this is their graduation book. We hope they have enjoyed all their books, and we wish your child well as they start school.